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ARTIST: Dedasau
COUNTRY: Thailand
Bangkok-based designer with a background in illustration, animation and graphic design. My works visualize from the emotion of human-life scene and various interested contents.

Slow Disco

This work inspired by St. Vincent’s song ‘Slow Disco’ from the lyrics that said 'leave you dancin' with a ghost' and ‘there's blood in my ears and a fool in the mirror’ to figure relationship between expectation and reality though the mirror.

Museum of Blue

Blue whale is the largest animal on the planet. A scene happen in natural museum, this blue whale represent 'big blue' between two persons with ambiguous feeling.

Sunset on Aeaea

From the Homer’s ancient Greek poem “The Odyssey”, one day Odysseus visited island of Aeaea where an enchantress ‘Circe’ lived and she changed his crew into swine. This work represent loneliness of Circe who live alone and try to keep anyone be with her even change them into animal.

Sleeping Statue

Relationship of different scale. An explorer found a giant-head statue in desert, it seem like he has slept for a long time.

Forest of Eden

According to the creation myth in the book of genesis, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the myth is displayed through the situation that has one couple of man and woman in natural museum and the Garden of Eden was changed into tropical forest.


A leafless tree stand alone outside the window, it is a cloudy day and full of fog. Inside the window, everything seem like soundless except somebody has rain and thunder inside.

Silent Night I

In Christmas Eve, one girl wanders in the town, pass the dim light restaurant and Christmas tree.

Silent Night II

In Christmas Eve, Santa Claus and the red-nosed reindeer have a break on the roof, look at Christmas tree sib some coffee.


In the patisserie, a woman is looking for some sweet.


This work was created for Halloween, inspired by a film ‘A Ghost Story' (2017). One woman is celebrating halloween night alone with a cat in the sight of somebody.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

15 Sweet Minutes

Egg Benedict is a famous breakfast and brunch dish, a muffin top with a poached egg and and hollandaise sauce. A woman is eating silently, this might not be a bright morning.

In The Moose For Love

Part of natural history museum project, two painters paint and decorate the model of giant moose. Giant moose or Alaska moose is the largest subspecies of moose, inhabit boreal forests.


A man in front of the skeleton of Elasmosaurus, no matter how mortality are.

Depressing Sundays

Two girls ride a car along with the sunset, one girl listen the music on headphone and another smoking while drive. Sunday is the end of the weekend and the end is usually regrettable.

Happy Ending

Part of a nostalgic zine 'see, what you hear'. Inspired by Danny Elfman's song 'Happy Ending' that also used as score in Silver Linings Playbook movie. This song make me throw back to the time, rain, cloud, window, dim-light, projector, cold air are what I saw when I heard.

Can't Fight The Moonlight

Part of a nostalgic zine 'see, what you hear'. Visualize a man on the abandon planet with nothing left, knee down in front of giant moon that seem like CD.


ดุสิตา อิ่มอารมณ์


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