/ ARTIST / 2023

ARTIST: pi-near (พิแน)
COUNTRY: Thailand
Nice to meet you! I'm Pear, a recent graduate who's passionate about the realm of visual communication and storytelling through art and design. My artistic journey began with simple curiosity and a love for capturing the essence of my surroundings. I've always found inspiration in the intricate stories concealed within everyday life and the beauty of nature's many wonders. I consider myself an artistic explorer, always eager to embark on new creative adventures.

Nature’s Call

We take a walk along the rocky shore, letting our curiosity guide us over uneven terrain. The path is unknown, yet we follow the call of nature's whispers, leading us on a journey.

People on the Dance Floor

On the open floor, strangers dance together to timeless tunes. Some are newcomers, others seasoned dancers, and a few are just here to let loose.

Papa’s Fish

Every morning, I find serenity beside my dad's beloved koi pond. These vibrant fish, his enduring companions, carry me to a tranquil world.

The Right time

We all face weariness from time to time, and it's perfectly fine to take a breather. And when the right time comes, I believe you'll find your way.

A Sunset Moment

An appreciation drawing I celebrate the breathtaking sunset at Koh Tao, a gentle reminder to cherish the beauty of every passing moment in our daily lives.

A Slice of Sunset

Here, in the yard, with an orange in hand, I sit and witness the sun's warm embrace as it melts into the horizon.

Portrait of Pawan

Pawan sits at her favorite spot, observing me as I bring her to life on paper, the lush garden serving as our picturesque backdrop.


We're all unique, and that's what makes us beautiful.

Koh Tao

After my graduation, I embarked on a journey to Koh Tao, where I could truly reconnect with myself amid the island's natural splendor, immersing in the present moment.

On a cloudy day with my dogs

The gentle gray clouds, hinting at rain, occasionally bring a downsy spell, yet their joyful presence brightens my day.