/ ARTIST / 2023

ARTIST: sisterdeernose
COUNTRY: Thailand
Namaste everyone ! I'm Sisterdeernose
An amateur illustrator from Thailand with a small art page named "Sisterdeernose"
My artwork is focused on unrealistic, and mainly red
All of my artwork is inspired by the culture of India, but I have never been to India Lol
But someday I'II be able to go !
* The smell of the Art never gets old *

Sweat or tears

No sweat or tears
Stay in the heart and body forever.

Things end when you least

Maybe we are small,
too small to handle everything.

Self love will never hurt you

Unfortunately, she has a heart.
But can't be used with love

step by step, day by day.

On a hot day, a cold heart doesn't help.

Let it come. Let it go. Let it now

Slow down often
Count your blessings
Be Kind to your heart
Believe in new beginnings

A masterpiece of life.

The freedom to be yourself is like a song that listen to many times.

The Princess and the Pea

The little torture is considered torture.

It happened for a reason

Ordinary but happy, this is the beauty of happiness.

Somewhere only we know.

If you can't find your dream,
Close your eyes and create it.

Whatever happens tomorrow

No one knows their future,
Not even fortune tellers.