/ ARTIST / 2023

ARTIST: Prang Vipaluk
COUNTRY: Thailand
Prang is a Bangkok-based visual communication designer who mainly uses graphic design and illustration as her medium. Her interest revolves around systematic structure with whimsical details.


Technological marvels.
Space age fantasy.

BKKDW2023 x CASETiFY - Siam Samyan Case

Many Thais look to Siam with fond memories, as the area in the centre of Bangkok serves as a hub for many. The centre is where creatives, office workers, foodies, and many others would convene, which is depicted by arranging all of the parts to spin around each other in the centre, signifying the gathering of diverse personalities and activities that have occurred within the district.


Dream Bangkok: Short Stories

Dream Bangkok: Short Stories is a collection of short stories set in Bangkok. Each narrative will chronicle a different character's life in the capital, as it is or as the author imagines it to be. The book will generate a discussion about how Bangkok is and how it may be better through the citizen's voice, with hopes and visions to offer.

The illustrations were inspired by regular motifs in Bangkok. The front cover integrated all of the sections into one huge composition, whilst the reverse cover arranged them to recap the book's short stories.

Commissioner: Happening / FNF Thailand

Playground of The Mind

Notebooks, sketchbooks, and simply scattering paper sheets provide enormous expanses for thoughts and ideas to run wild before being sorted out and developed (or not).

Therefore, this idea is reflected on the cover, depicting a mind's playground where vivid materials float chaotically across the spreads, similar to what will happen within this ana tomy notebook.

Illustrative collaboration as part of the ana tomy FNF (Friends and Family) Project.

A day 247 - Creative Entrepreneur

A day magazine issue 247 features 30 Thai entrepreneurs who use creativity to propel their brands forward.

The artwork was made with the intention of visualising a cabinet of curiosities filled with products from the 30 Thai brands interviewed in this issue.

A day 248 - Content Creator

A day magazine issue 248 introduces Thai content creators who stand out in their respective fields.

The overall composition depicts a content generating machine, with elements symbolising the creators briefly displayed to hint at the coverage within the issue.

A day 249 - Global Citizen

A day magazine issue 249 featured interviews with Thais who opted to take a chance and relocate to other nations throughout the world. The issue dives into each country's advantages and weaknesses, as well as their viewpoints and experiences.

The globe is in the centre, and illustrations explaining the reasons for moving can be found all over the wall and floor. The plane window in the background signifies the new beginning of the new global citizen.

A day - Dream Vending Machine

Dream Vending Machine is a three-issue magazine boxset that showcases the hopes and dreams of today's youth.

30 Thai entrepreneurs employ creativity to take their brands ahead in issue 247: Creative Entrepreneue.

248: Content Creator showcases Thai content producers who are leaders in their industries.

249:Global Citizen included conversations with Thais who opted to take a risk and relocate to other nations throughout the world.

The box set is portrayed as a pocket-sized vending machine packed with hopes, inspirations, and ambitions.

2022 Mini Calendar

A mini calendar with a unique twist on the theme of house plants.

Goodhood Vol.3 Poster

This poster was created for Goodhood, a Bangkok-based annual market event. The elements are drawn from the activities that will take place during the event. The design of the characters depicts the people who will congregate in the market. Red is utilised as the focal colour because it is Goodhood's identity, paired with a vivid palette to capture the community's vibrancy.