/ ARTIST / 2023

ARTIST: saintgrocery
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hello! I’m ‘saintgrocery’, an illustrator based in Thailand.

Cute things, food, grocery shopping, and daily life activities are the sources of inspiration for my work. I love using warm colors to express coziness and heartwarming feelings. I hope everyone can feel it and enjoy my work!

Bread Lover

Freshly baked bread from the oven. It’s soft, fluffy, and smells so nice. Who can resist that?

Inside the bread house

What are these cute little babies doing in this fluffy bread-shaped house?


Self-portrait of me(saintgrocery) with my character Pan and Cream

Harvest Season

Every year, the trees in the city produce a bakery during a certain season! it can be a loaf of bread, cookies, or even cake! These bakeries are so delicious and sweet that you can't stop eating them. However, not all trees produce a bakery. It's important to keep an eye on which one is the right one. If you're ready, go harvest them!

BFF = bread friends forever!

BFF doesn't stand for best friends forever, BFF stands for bread friends forever!

Reading Time

Reading a book and sitting on the soft sofa next to the window with a gentle breeze is the most relaxing time. And there was also a four-legged friend sitting nearby. Reading all day long is possible for me in this environment!

Milky Way

If the grocery shopping receipt is way too long, it may become the Milky Way and the things we bought may become a planet!

The dinner party

I have a character named Max who is a ghost and his three other friends. The only time they appear is during Halloween. So I captured the picture when they had a Halloween dinner party. Because Halloween is the most important day for them!

Bread House

This polymer clay miniature was created using a Gachapon ball as a base. It's a pocket-sized bread-shaped house, which is my character's house.

Happy Little Things

Each of the 49 hand-sculpted polymer clay pieces represents something that brings me joy, like food, nature, items I used, my character Pan and Cream, and family members.