/ ARTIST / 2023

COUNTRY: Thailand
Artist from Thailand. love stars and the sea.
I hope that imaginations and dreams will be with us forever.

Sky of dream

In this chaos world. 'Sometimes I crave to lie in the clouds and stars'

A new day that I want to live

The color of the sky makes me want to live in Fields of fresh flowers and animals living their lives full of peace

Wind and tulips

Wind and flowers are the happiness of life.

Daisy and freshness

Nature creates cuteness that blooms, Daisies are cute and refreshing.

Sea waves in memory

I love the color of the sea So I drew it from memory and decorated it like I was in a dream.

the mystery of the forest.

Secret of the forest. Mysterious house in the middle of the forest Who or what thing lives there?

A magical whale flies in the sky.

The sea is vast and so is the sky. A magical whale that swam in the sea until it got bored took its friends up to swim in the sky.

Morning view with twin cats

The morning sky was magical and only the twin cats could see it.

floating with the wind

Escape from the chaotic world Hold an umbrella and let yourself float on the wind.

The stars that guide the night's journey

If you are lost, let the stars guide you. The light of the night is hope.