/ ARTIST / 2023

ARTIST: Tawanron
COUNTRY: Thailand
I was heartbroken, so I vented it by drawing but people like it.But no matter how good I was at drawing, she still didn't like me

Hurt but Ok

I love you so much, but it also hurts.Many people told me to let you go....I think it's an interesting choice,but I'm still okay with it right now.

She don't like to talk

I always want to talk to her who doesn't want to talk to me.It hurts but I never remember.

A fake special person

Don't act like I'm special one for you if I'm not, please stop doing this, I really beg you.

Don't love anyone please

Whenever I'm in love, I get hurt every time.My heart says it's better not to love anyone again.

I shouldn't love her at all

" I shouldn't love her at all " I said this sentence repeatedly while crying for the past 3 days.

Feeling unstopper

I should stop my heart, it almost done.But when I saw your face, the feeling inside immediately exploded out.

Lock it up inside

To be honest. I still love you, but from now on I won't.
Shhh.. stay still my heart.

300% accurate love prediction

Don't ask a fortune teller about love, just look at the chat on your phone, it said it all.

Please leave my heart

Please leave my heart because I can't take you out,
I really tried to do it.

No heart return

When I sent love I never got it back, what I got back was only " Haha, Like and Wow ", how difficult is flirting ?