/ ARTIST / 2023

COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi, Nice to meet you :)

I'm Por, an illustration and graphic designer based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I enjoy enhancing artistry on many kinds of artwork that help people connect more with brands and products.

This collection are from collaboration with 'Hamblepie' which I had an opportunity to design artworks on bags. I love summer and free spirit vibes of Hamblepie characters, so I would like to draw more about their stories.

Memories Catcher

The night when a shiny glittering star dancing among the shimmering of the sparklers was so captivating, though your face and laughter shone brightest in my memories. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could weave every precious moment into a memorial and call it a dream catcher?

Seaside Choir.

What could be better than a little concert by the seaside with lovely companions? Grab your guitar then sing along the rumbles of the tide, tune your voice with the wind and embrace your joy under the warm sun.

Better together

You like dogs, I like cats. You love reading, I love singing. We might have different tastes but it feels so much better if we are together!

Life, Young, Journey.

Many things change as the time flies by. Birds leave their nest, flowers bloom and wither. But as things changed, I’d love to travel this life long journey with you for better and for worse.

Summer is never a bummer.

This is a lovely project I worked on with an easy going and unique brand called ‘Hamblepie’. Summer is never a bummer is using a variation set of summer muted colors to match with the brand’s identity, along with a playful shapes of elements to portray a fresh and energetic summer vibe.

Wonders of my world

This picture portrays a not so small world in the little girl’s head. Her world is filled with the beauty of nature, the carpet of wildflowers and a parade of birds.

Dance the night away!

To sleep underneath the moon and dance among the stars is such a joy when you go camping, especially with your loved ones.Now dance along the crackle of the fire and the rhyme of the song. To the left, to the right, to the night with no fright!

Sea breeze carecess

A group of friends enjoying their time by the beach. A soft footsteps on the sand, Hands holding for a dance and shall the breeze carry on the laughter and joy across the sea.

Our own journey

Having a great time with friends who love things in common couldn't be any better!

Glimpse of Jungle

Exploring the varied colors and shapes in the jungle always brings you new things.