/ ARTIST / 2023

COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi! I am Pukari from Thailand. My art is inspired by 80s-90s retro anime art. I love portraying the aesthetic of city life and people through unique color use and lighting in my art.

Next Destination: Your Dream

Next Destination: Your Dream is a short looping animation. I got inspired by feelings of loneliness while living amid the chaos of a big city. Being an adult is like being on a train with no idea where the destination is. It seems to be very far to reach our dream but hopefully, we all will arrive at the destination we want at the end

Way Back Home in a Rainy Night

An illustration with a looping animation of the rain. I tried to portray the lonely feelings at nighttime through the aesthetic neon lights of the town and the animated rain

Ramen After Work

What a nice feeling to have a ramen and a drink at late night after a long tiring day at work. Yamada, the salary cat, is a character I designed to portray a little happy thing in my life when I worked as an office worker in a big city. He is an optimistic man who will give you a smile

Izakaya in Love

I want to show the aesthetic and vibes of Izakaya at night through this illustration

Swimming in the fish tank

"Are you feeling bored swimming in that square box endlessly?" the girl looks at the fish and think

A sweet morning

An ordinary morning but it gives a special feeling when we have someone to share it with

I met her that night

The aesthetic of the night city and a girl character in a retro vibe

Best friend

"Nothing is better than having you sitting next to me at this time"


Let's escape from the reality and go to somewhere where we can be ourselves

City Night

90s anime-styled landscape