/ ARTIST / 2023

ARTIST: จงเล็ก
COUNTRY: Thailand
Jonglek (Thongtod Jongpaiboonkij), a graphic design student, later realised that illustration, not graphic design, was his true passion. By participating in BKKIF, he intends to show that illustration is, in fact, who he genuinely is.


This illustration shows a portrait of myself that capture memories, sunrise, and tobacco smoke at Rama 3 Condominium.


Good time in a small tiny room always runs out so fast

Inside Me Out

My very body bones alike structure portraying abstractly

เบ้ดวันละตัว 1

Me and my girlfriend

เบ้ดวันละตัว 2

Me and my girlfriend

No pain illusion

Psychedelic feeling of mine though listening to music.


2 lovers with different directions , like they are in different world

Oh!, Fuck me

Portraying a Failure, Loser, and all Negativity within me.


She sees though me

A Smile

Illustration of me in monotone