/ ARTIST / 2023

ARTIST: Jisara / MAOIs
COUNTRY: Thailand
Jirasa, a comic illustrator with a creative spirit, fostered her passion for art from a young age.Jirasa's art style is an intriguing fusion of various influences. Her works often embody a dynamic and expressive quality, capturing the essence of their subjects with vibrant colors and bold lines. Jirasa masterfully blends realism with a touch of whimsy, infusing their illustrations with a sense of magic and wonder. Their attention to detail and intricate compositions draw viewers into captivating visual narratives. Whether working on fantastical creatures, breathtaking landscapes, comic,or relatable everyday scenes, Jirasa's art never fails to evoke emotion and spark the imagination. Their unique perspective and creative use of different mediums make each piece a testament to their artistic vision. Jirasa's art style is continually evolving, as they experiment with new techniques and push the boundaries of their craft, always striving to bring fresh and captivating artwork to the world.

MAOIs (Mahnissa), an artist at heart, has worked as a writer for over 15 years. Throughout her career, she has poured her emotions onto paper, firmly believing that words have the power to heal her. When asked why she became a writer, she readily explains, "I write because no one listens." Her talent has not gone unnoticed, as she has been honored with more than 10 national awards. Additionally, she has embraced her love for vibrant art forms by venturing into various creative avenues such as writing comics and curating art. Now, she takes another bold step towards self-expression by delving into the world of collages, seeking to become an artist. This audacious move signifies her determination to break free from the confines of the written word and explore new artistic territories.

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Light and Shadow

In the place where Light and Shadow dance,
A tale of contrast and divine chance.
For in Genesis, God's words did decree,
"Let there be light," and it came to be.

From the depths of darkness, light did emerge,
A symphony of hope, a celestial surge.
Watch! shadows lingered, it came around,
In this world of duality, where both are found.

Heaven's whispers, concealed and rare,
The Garden of Eden, a retreat most fair.
A paradise lost, a glimpse of divine,
Where God and mankind were binded.

And Hell, a consequence of sins untamed,
An absence of light, a spiritual flame.
For in separation, a torment did dwell,
A state of anguish, a desolate spell.

Lost in Translation

In the realm of beginnings, a tale unfold,
Where heavens and earth in harmony commingled,
But mysteries linger, left untold,
When did the celestial lights bless our mold?

No mention found, in ancient verse,
Of radiant sun, or moon's blessing terse,
No birthdates inscribed, a cosmic curse,
A universe unveiled, yet origins dispersed.

Language, a creation of ever-changing tides,
Not born from a singular mind's overriding guides,
No monarch or maestro, with power to decide,
Its essence evolved, as many embraced its strides.

Definitions, dynamic, in flux they reside,
No single authority can wholly prescribe,
For meaning expands, where perceived needs abide,
The context whispers, truths safely reside.

Scared Sorrow

Cursed to the woman, His words with the divine grace,
"I'll multiply thy sorrow, and thy conception embrace.
In pain, thou shalt bring more children, dear,
Thy desire shall be to thy husband, clear."

But love, damn love, so grand,
Transcending the realms, hand in hand,
It knows no bounds in its endless flight,
Through joy and sorrow, it ignites.

For love, in every stage, like grief, does dwell,
Telling a story words alone can't tell,
It blooms and die soon like a passing dream,
Stronger it grows, than it may seem.

A woman's heart, furnished with emotion,
Its depths untouched by the laws of devotion,
With every heartbeat, it whispers and sighs,
In love, she cradles the hopes it implies.

Cursed Bond

From the garden, innocence lost,
Mankind’s rebellion, bitter cost,
But hope still flickers, flames arise,
In lessons learned, we seek to rise.

Beneath the weight of sin's despair,
A loving God, with tender care,
He crafts a promise, strong and sure,
To mortals fallen, insecure.

Through Adam, Eve, and Cain’s descent,
We glimpse the riddle, God's intent,
To lift us from our darkest plight,
To mend our souls, restore our sight.

And as we wander, hearts forlorn,
In lessons taught, we may transform,
For knowledge gleaned from Genesis’ page,
Can guide us on life's earthly stage.

Pleaded Guilty

In Eden's lush domain, a story to be told,
Of Adam and Eve, creation's tale which mold
They once dwelled in harmony, without a care,
Until temptation beckoned, whispered unaware.

Tempted were they, by forbidden fruit's allure,
Eve tasted first, her heart now full of rue,
Adam too succumbed, his resolve now frail,
Blaming each other, their innocence now pale.

The serpent, cunning and sly, slithers low,
Whispering lies, planting seeds of woe,
Adam blamed Eve, his partner, once his love,
Eve retorted, guilt like a raven, soaring above.

Their hands, once joined in unity so sweet,
Now pointed fingers, filled with deceit,
They forgot their union, their love now stained,
Each casting blame, the serpent's words retained.


In the bond of brotherhood, there we find,
The tale of Cain and Abel, intertwined,
Two brothers vault in blood and shared embrace,
In Eden's haven, a familial grace.

With offerings on sacred altars laid,
One's soul aflame with envy, swift to fade.
Cain sought redemption through deceitful art,
Concealing guilt beneath a hollow heart.

Upon Jehovah's ear, his lies did rest,
“I don’t know”, non-innocence confessed.
"Am I my brother's keeper?" Cain proclaimed,
His words a dark deception, sin's sole aim.

Truth God, all-knowing, pierced through veils of lies,
His eyes beholding truth, the feeble guise.
He sought the heart of Cain, with sorrow filled,
To guide him back, forgiveness to rebuild.

Conditional Offers

Two brothers tale, where shadows cast in fear,
A tale unfolds of kin whose fates entwined,
Cain, steeped in envy, saw his brother dear,
And darkness whispered in his troubled mind.

Once, their hearts tethered by familial love,
Two offerings they brought, sincere and true,
But Cain, consumed by envy like a glove,
Saw Abel praised, while his own deeds fell through.

Enraged, his soul awash in bitter bile,
He heeds the serpent's subtle cunning call,
The blade of envy twists with vile guile,
And spills his brother's lifeblood, as it falls.

When his hands were stained with scarlet rain,
To his Creator, Cain still dared to lie,
But God, all-knowing, heard the echoed pain,
And banished Cain beneath a tearful sky.

Sweet Symphony

In Eden's realm, where love once reigned,
The tale of self-love was ingrained.
Adam and Eve, in God's own eyes,
Were blessed with beauty, love's sunrise.

Within that garden, pure and true,
They revealed in the love they knew.
No doubts, no fears, just self-embrace,
In their reflection saw God's grace.

But temptation's fruit, with secrets sown,
Unveiled a truth they had not known.
Their innocence lost, shame took hold,
Their perfect love, tarnished and cold.

Yet from this fall, a truth emerged,
Self-love does not demand perfection surged.
For in their flaws, they were embraced,
Given a chance to find love's grace.

The Foolish Journey

In Eden's embrace, where whispers bloomed,
Two souls combined, their hearts consumed,
Adam and Eve, upon love's fair stage,
Bound by destiny, in passion's eternal gauge.

With sunlight's glow and gentle breeze,
They danced in harmony, among the trees,
Hand in hand, they wandered afar,
Unveiling secrets, beneath beauty's star.

Adam, a knight, as noble as can be,
Guardian of love, his heart unbound and free,
Eve, a muse, adorned in tender grace,
Dazzling his world, a radiant embrace.

From paradise to the heavens above,
Their love, unfettered, innocence to behold,
Like a river's current, forever flowing,
Through time's passage, forever growing.

Together they roamed, like fools having fled,
From Eden's gate, to the unknown they tread,
Yet in their hearts, love's beacon ignited,
Guiding their steps, bound by love's rites.

Shallow Reflection

The heaven we all know, a tale of old unfolds,
Where eve, enticed by knowledge, desired what wealth behold.
With eyes so bright, she gazed upon the forbidden fruit,
Its charm, a temptation, to her heart it took root.

She saw it and she longed, for wisdom it would bring,
A morsel of forbidden truth, a taste of everything.
In ignorance, she dared to pluck, to take that fateful bite,
And thus emerged mankind's descent, from pure to tainted light.

For in that act of gluttony, the sin did determine,
A mirror to our own desires, our souls forever bind.
Just like the mirror, reflections reveal our flaws,
Our hunger for significance, our never-ending cause.

Like Eve, we yearn for knowledge, we seek what we can't own,
No measure of wisdom can justify what we've sown.
Yet deep within, a glimmer shines, a reminder of our grace,
Though we've strayed from Eden's path, redemption we need to face.