/ ARTIST / 2023

ARTIST: Paerytopia
COUNTRY: Thailand
I'm Paerytopia, an Artist & Illustrator based in Bangkok Thailand.
My artworks are mostly girl characters illustrations which reflect a daily lifestyle, and fashion with a mixture of 80s aesthetics.

The Place Where The Memories Never Gone

This place is a time capsule that safeguards our childhood joys and memories: those fantasies conjured in our minds that were utterly incompatible with reality, yet when catalyzed by the tales of adventure we found in storybooks, proliferated without end; or adored objects that we once could not bear to be parted with,

thrown to the wayside and displaced by the responsibilities and stress of adulthood– traded in for an ever-growing bag of coals– on the race to grow up. It comes as no surprise that we often forget the innate innocence and vitality we had as children, to the extent that we discount the importance of that childhood self

After School I Meet You at Sunset

Do you remember the times we used to walk home after school together?

It was a memorable moment that I will never forget—just me and you in the golden light of the sunset.

Silver Lining

Have you ever heard the idiom "Every cloud has a silver lining"?

It means every difficult or sad situation has a comforting or more hopeful aspect, even though this may not be immediately apparent.

And this is how I represent the painful from another point of view. When most people meet the hard times of their lives, they only see the worst things.

Night Drive

'Night Drive' is about a woman who broke up with her lover late at night in the city. She starts to drive, feeling the sense of freedom with the night view. Somehow moving to the new stage in her life.
Undying lights of the city, but a straight road with no one, and her voice filled with coolness.

Midnight Love

t all started since the day we first met. After that day, I always see you here at midnight.

The moment I'm with you is just like a dream, It was so good but I have to wake up anyway.

I still want to be with you, even if I’m just your Midnight love that will never be the one for you.

The Lost Girl

In the city night, I am lost in the sea of people who don’t know me. This is a time when I feel as if losing my sense of self among those faces.

But when I look around, I find that no matter how dark the night is in my eyes, there are countless fluorescent lights up above shining on me, and they are reaching — saving me from the darkness.

The Hidden Moon

Some moons do not shine so bright in the sky

Some moons are drowned in a vast ocean

Under the blue water, I shine in the depths of the sea

Please find me.

Mermaid's Bathroom

Don’t you know mermaids also need a bathroom?

Even though we live under the sea, there are some moments that we also want to relax and take a dip in the tub.

How lucky that these humans can do something like this everyday.

The Price Tag

Someone who doesn't know me well talks behind my back.

"She is such a label whore who wears brand names head to toe."

and I was like, "So what? They are all my favs"

Check the price tag of the things I have spent. You will see that my efforts paid off for them and I deserved it.

Cold Night in Summer

It was Saturday, it was too cold for April
We didn’t plan to feel the wind blowing against our faces
But we didn’t care

Nothing is better than walking around,
shopping and feeling the cold in a summer night