/ ARTIST / 2023

ARTIST: Atelier Pakawan
COUNTRY: Thailand
My work of arts are based around everyday-life objects, seasonal in nature and especially food & desserts inspires me a lot. I love playing with proportion of the objects and have fun painting a lot of different textures as well. The techniques I'm using are watercolor, colored pencils and digital painting.

I hope my works can bring someone a moment of joy.

Days at Morisaki Bookshop - Novel by Satoshi Yagisawa

It’s a book about the bookshop so it’s decided that the book cover has to be the book!

The story’s location is Jimbocho, Tokyo, the famous booktown that is filled with secondhand bookstores. After a lot of sketches and research of the area, this angle of the book would suits best to act like a store located in the corner and there would always be a lot of book carts in front of the store as well. The wind that blows the pages and autumn leaves also represent the changes in the main character’s life living in this bookshop.

The Impossibly Loud Music Box Shop - Novel by Asako Takiwa

It's a music box shop but it’s not a normal one. The music plays a significant part in the story so I put the idea of the music melody that when you hear it, it takes you somewhere or remind you something. In the cover, the notes flow from the small music box inside the shop then go direct to the mirror part which shows a mysterious reflection. What is this all about? Why it's loud? You have to read it.

Quiet Conversation

This painting's idea began when I traveled to Tokyo and happened to enter the most quiet little cafe. The owner specifically asked every customer to not bring any laptop or even not wearing headphones in his cafe because he wants to create the atmosphere that ones can have a quiet conversation with themselves while enjoying his coffee. I was really touched by his concept and his resolution and it has stuck on me ever since. I was really enjoyed by his coffee and I sketched this idea during that time there.

Conversation Starter

From the 'Quiet Conversation' idea, I start paying attention to what conversation happens during drinking coffee. Then I noticed that it starts even before the coffee is brewing. At home, instead of saying 'Good Morning', ones would ask 'Coffee?' to one another and the rest of the conversation goes from there.

Sweet Green Thing

This green desserts/snack is called 'Kanom Krok Singapore' or 'Kanom Keaw'. It is soft and chewy with the pandan aroma. When it lays in the box, I reminds me of the mid-century sofa that's really popular recently so I also picked another interior items in the same style to complete the mid-century modern interior style out of this dessert! And it won't be complete without tired girl working with the laptop and a dog sleeping on a soft couch.

Bread Truck

The bread truck that sells homemade bread and soup. I would love to see this truck at the roadside

Sakura Tea Appreciation

I once tasted Sakura tea. The pickled sakura that floats in the cup is as pretty as the full bloom sakura tree! So I want to draw people that gather for 'Hanami' (Sakura appreciation picnic) with the view of the sakura tea and wagashi.

Community - Illustration for The Studio Potter article

This illustration is for the article called 'A Practice with Positivity' by Robyn Phelan and it's all about Clay for Charity, a project by Vipoo Srivilasa that helps people in need with the connection within ceramics community.

So in this illustration, I drew Vipoo's signature sculpture as a meeting point in town square that everybody gathers up, surrounded by lovely ceramics that makers donated to the charity.

Mutual Aid - Illustration for The Studio Potter article

This illustration is also a part of 'A Practice with Positivity' by Robyn Phelan about a project 'Clay for Charity' by Vipoo Srivilasa.

Families can have a meal together or someone could have a warm cup of drinks in the midst of natural disasters or just simply be with the ones they love in difficult and heartbreaking situations. These things can happen because of the small actions from those involved in Clay for Charity community.

Rainy Season

This illustration is about the guilty feeling I had when I keep my two cats inside the house all the time but when it comes to rainy season, it reminds me of the time I rescued them when they were little and starving. I no longer feel bad because I have given them shelter and they won't be soaked by the rain again ever.