/ ARTIST / 2023

COUNTRY: Thailand
After COVID-19, I spent most of my time working from home. For two whole years, I hardly went outside or traveled. I started to feel burned out.

In 2023 " Little Cherry " was created to heal the parts of me that were missing. It helped me find my passion for creating happy things again. I hope Little Cherry can help others feel better, too.

Your Forever Healing

Little Cherry with her Kids 🐇🐻🦭🐥

Always be your forever healing whenever you need.
Takecare of your time and also don't forget to takecare of your self.

Record Player

Little Cherry with her record player.

Vinyl Record Player Turntable with Built-in Love & Adorable Cherry as a needle, Portable Cute Record Player for Entertainment and Home Decoration maybe 😊.

Summer Surfing

Little Cherry with her watermelon surfboard.

weet & fresh watermelon what a daydream of summer

Wonderful Brush

Little Cherry with her Wonderful Brush.

Wash away your sadness and letting go of any troubles 🐇

Peaceful Space

Little Cherry with her peaceful space.

There is beauty 🌼 to be found in a world of noise.

Love Delivery

Little Cherry with her love delivery

A little thing from love may make a huge energy in someone's day

Greeny Day

Little Cherry with her greeny day.

how long have you not been filled up with some green?

Your Everyday Colors

Be your everyday colors to make your lovely day.

The Beginning Flower

Little Cherry with her flowers.

🌷🌹🌻 are a sign of new beginnings. After a cold and snowy winter, the arrival of 🌼 serves as a message that spring is near and delightful :)


my first time moving these little girls...
but happy enough for the result of practice.