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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: 2nd2Friend
COUNTRY: Thailand
2nd2Friend is a Bangkok-based character artist whose illustrations blur the lines between traditional Asian and popular culture. He combines vivid colours and simple symbols to poke fun and raise questions about our everyday lived experiences.

First love

LOV+U Exhibition.
Who am I with you?
LOV + U explores a relationship through moments that we remember with our bodies. Using simple strokes and colours, 2nd2Friend remixes gender tropes and pop-cultural imageries to create a character, 2ndGirl, who lives in the grey areas of intimacy. This character, they embody our own lived experiences of holding on to and letting go of who you are as we spend time with another person. The artist questions the control we have of our own selves: from falling blissfully in love at first sight, to validating or rejecting social expectations, to giving in to our own deep yet unknown desires. Together, these illustrations remind us of both the deeply human and truly out-of-this-world journey we call love.




2nd in your heart

Angel and Demon

Imaginary friend

Joy stick

Love Hate

Life cycle


More Artwork/Merchandise:


Project collaboration with " Kaiju Smuggler " the cute 2ndGanesha.


Joy stick

The pen holder made of resin material.
Available in three colors.

Joy stick

Joy stick

Joy stick

2ndMe T-shirt

Silkscreen t-shirt

2nd sticker vol.1

PVC sticker vol.1 (set / 8 sheets)


2nd2friend x Jittirobot (Custom ROLLER-BOT)
What am I ? The one you love, Friend or ....
Please tell me ....

2ndGirl - Art statue

Quantity 5 edition
Material : Resin
Height: 40 Centimeters
Width: 38 Centimeters
Depth: 26 Centimeters

LOV+U Exhibition

My solo exhibition at Palette Artspace Thong Lo BTS station.
On 5-27 September 2020.

LOV+U Exhibition

LOV+U Exhibition

LOV+U Exhibition

Heaven and Hell
Digital printing on canvas 30x90 cm. 4 pcs.

LOV+U Exhibition

Digital printing on canvas 60x150 cm. 4 pcs.

LOV+U Exhibition

LOV+U Exhibition

Love at first sight.
Digital printing on canvas 2x1 m.

LOV+U Exhibition

Neon BKK

My illustration design for fiction about 14 stories that question the relationship between humans and robots in the future.

Fly me to the moon

This piece is inspired by Georges Méliès' A Trip to the Moon, mixed with pinup girl style.

World War Love

A weapon of love inspired by a World War-era pinup girl poster.


Goddess of death in 2nd2friend style, one of the drawing challenges community.

My fairies kingdom of death

This picture conveys the angle of what we see. There are always two sides, not even the fairies.

Witch doctor

It was inspired by the medical signs of the staff and snake of Esculapius, the Greek god of medicine. And the sacred wood or the Caduccus of the god Apollos.

Escape from meteor

Race for the survival of the tribe.
- Dino racer -


Inspiration comes from traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers.