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ARTIST: faan.peeti
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi, I am an illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. I love making delicate artworks inspired by the Victorian Era. My illustrations usually related to life in nature especially flowers, animals, tiny people, or anything that could bring a smile to you!

London Book Sanctuary

The is the book cover I designed for my first book about interesting bookshops in London. The big hand on the cover is Alice who discovers her Rabbit hole in the form of a bookshop hiding behind the curtains.

London Bookshop Map

It is the illustration inside the book called London Book Sanctuary. It shows the locations of 15 bookshops in London along with important spots in this metropolis.

Mushroom Musicians

I create this image for the project called ‘Mushroom Mission’. It is the project for food and money donation for the poor during Covid quarantine in Thailand. I draw these 3 happy musicians to spread the news about the donation. I also wish to cheer up people during this stressful moment.

Wilton’s Mousy Hall

In 2017, I went to study for a Master's Degree in London, UK. My professor invited me to join the art exhibition about Wilton’s Music Hall. It is the oldest surviving grand music hall in the world. So I made a tiny toy theatre resemble the actual hall but the performer and the audience are the mouses dressed in Victorian style.

The Blooming of January

In 2019, a day magazine asked 12 illustrators to design each 12 months in a calendar. I chose January, the first month of the new beginning and hope. I drew the sprouted Mushrooms with a little mushroom girl hiding inside to illustrate this joyful moment.

Messages from Flowers

This is the bouquet of 10 flowers that have a delightful definition. It can be separated into 10 images that have a story of their own. You can guess the meaning from the act of a small fairy and insect in each picture. and when you put them together, you will get a bouquet of happiness.

This artwork is one of the winners of Happening Makers 2019 postcard contest.

Himmapan Theater

Himmapan forest is a magical place from Thailand's Traditional Tales. In the forest, there are many fantastic creatures. So I brought this classic idea and remake it in Victorian-style theatre. In the delicate frame of the theatre, you will find trees that have a women-like fruit/ the animal mixed between an alligator, a deer, and a bird/ the creatures of half elephant half-bird. In the middle of the frame, there is a couple of half-bird, half-human dancing among flowers.

The Garden of Imagination

This picture is inspired by my good experience in Taiwan. When I have a chance to exhibit my arts in Pop-Up Asia, the huge art fair in Taipei. I’ve found that Taipei is a city full of inspiration. So I created this imaginary garden to reflect this meaningful memory.

Pee ka boo, I love you.

This is the image of the two fairy playing hide and seeks in the forest.

The Little Book of Happiness, The Little Book of Wisdom

This is the illustration for the two book cover designs. The books are written by Thai's well-known writer, Roundfinger. The first book which tells about happiness. I create a theme of flowers to represent its idea. And in the second book about wisdom, I draw the giant trees refers to the endless growth of knowledge. The two covers can be connected to make one big picture.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Himmapan Theatre in 3D version

Technique: digital printing and paper cut

Lost & Found

The artwork about the encounter of the lost girl and the big robin bird.

/ Technique: watercolor painting and black pen

Miss You, Springtime

The artwork inspired by my beautiful time with my sister picnicing in a flower garden.

/Technique: digital printing

Mice & Flower

An illustration about mice and flower for the celebration of mice year,2020.

/Technique: digital painting

Self Portrait on Stamp

Technique: digital painting

London Map Label

The label illustration for London Bookshop Map

/ Technique: digital painting

Will You Dance With Me?

This is an art about viscaria flower which means Will You Dance With Me?

/ Technique: digital painting

A Happy Marriage

This is an art about peony flower which means a happy marriage.

/ Technique: digital painting

Vespa 10th Anniversary

An illustration for celebrating Vespa's 10th anniversary. This project is called 'My Story in Decade. It is a collaboration between Vespa Thailand and Ground Control. / Technique : digital paint

Woodland Fairground

This is the toy theater of the animal's fairground. I made this as a merchandise for Pollock Toy Shop in London,UK.

/Technique: digital printing and paper cut

Spring Flower Sticker

Die cut flowers sticker / Waterproof / 69THB

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