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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Jeep Kongdechakul
COUNTRY: Thailand
Jeep Kongdechakul
Artist/ designer and illustrator
I love to paint , draw, design,handmade works and love to travel.

Habana : 2019

Porto : 2018


Astier De Villatte

Jo’s Banoffee : 2020


Anatomy : 2015

Anatomy Invitation Card

Ornaments Decoration Paper Marche

Cookie : 2019


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Purra mineral water x jeepjeep

Purra mineral water x jeepjeep

BMW x jeepjeep 2020

RIMOWA x jeepjeep

RIMOWA x Art for new the opening of RIMOWA Store at Siam Discovery Collaboration with Jeep Kongdechakul for limited edition.

Estee Lauder x jeepjeep

Estee Lauder and KingPower Thailand travel beautifully exclusive pop-up shop and new package collaboration with Jeep Kongdechakul.

CPN x jeepjeep

CPN x jeepjeep

After You x jeepjeep

Colleabortion with After You Thailand

BMW x jeepjeep

BMW Unbound World of Art Series 2019

Louis Vuitton Thailand (LV Time Capsule Bangkok 2017)

Louis Vuitton Thailand (LV Time Capsule Bangkok 2017)

Twining x jeepjeep

ไทยประกันชีวิต x jeepjeep

"Home Sweet Home"

Sansiri x jeepjeep

Wyne by Sansiri x Jeep Kongdechakul

FRESH Beauty x jeepjeep

Rose deep hydration sleeping mask POP-UP packaging for FRESH BEAUTY

Tetra Pak x jeepjeep

Handpicked by Jeep Kongdechakuk

My first Illustration pop-up book for 5 Inspiring shops in Europe.

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