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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Thireq Pecko
COUNTRY: Thailand
Thireq Pecko is an illustrator and graphic designer currently working in Bangkok, Thailand.
He was searching for a style of his own work by experimenting with designing graphics and illustrations in various techniques. Including an interest in the art of storytelling in graphic novels.

Empty choices

The truth is always in this place, it’s clearly, shiny and warm. Sometimes​ we might realize that truth in a part of life. It may happen in a moment. Among the empty choices, at that moment we find similar things. It​ might be wait​ing for someone who we expect to appear among those empty choices as well.


Although someone can lead our life to the way of awakening. But in our mind we still think about meeting and leaving someone that happened for long time ago. That makes us abandon the only one bright way in our dull life.


We are surrounded by boundaries. In that place, the truth waits for acceptance inside our body. Just brave to step in and face it. Even so, what we choose is turn back and leave​ this place to the boundless way.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there’s the dull way that was cleared by a man. It led him to meet the truth of the world. Day by day, the way was obviously discovered that made wanderers see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, our selected choice is looking for something that couldn’t know the result.


You and I, we had a strong step in the same path, dreams to grow up and stay together forever. But finally, when the truth slowly comes unaware. The confusing instead warm embrace when we were young and naive. Unknowingly, all we are still step forward but not the same direction ever.

Between us

There is a line between us, we yell talk in our own language. I don’t understand what she said because I have never heard that before. And I’m not sure about her understanding what I said. As time passes, we get bored with conversation. She stopped talking and looked at me with a silence. But I still yell at her for a while. Once a moment, I stop. The silence covers us. We look at each other without action and realize this is the best talking.

The High wall

Our space is separated by the high wall. However, we have the same dream. We hope that wall will be destroyed someday. We share our dreams, talk about the future and hope it happens. We try to find a way to meet, touch and imagine eye contact. The day passed, we were still growing up together in our own space under a slowly created world by the word “someday”.


It’s just within reach. I want to touch it, even the tip of my finger. But it's impossible because I'm bearing a whole world by my hand, the chaos world. The only one things I can do is take a look at the moving light in silence. When the day passes, I finally have one question: “Is that mind if I let the world down?”


You and I, We are prison in the jail of thinking and chained by loneliness. The only one happiness is looking at each other through the wide distance filled by the sea of sadness. Under the same sky, we wait for something. We can feel it by our eye end. The hopeful light rises at horizon. We beg it to come to our place before we are swallowed by the emptiness time.

The edge of the world

At the edge of the world, I found a place where the truth is. It’s on the top of the awakening stair. However, I chose the opposite site of stairs to meet her. Even I know, this way will lead me far away from the truth as long as forever.


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