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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Tent Katchakul
COUNTRY: Thailand
Illustrator & book author based in Thailand.

That Sunday, That Summer

The scent of the sea, the sound of the waves, the trip we took, the adventure we made, each other’s hands we hold, our old pictures and the last letter from you, I keep them all close to my heart. Whenever I’m in the dark, in the cold, I will always have that Sunday, that summer.

The music that play at all time

No matter wherever I am, the music of that night’s still playing loud and clear throughout my body. The sentimental music, dancing people and your voice that took my breath away. After one last dance, you walked away and put that music in my heart then took a part of me away with you.

The river that runs through us

As we jump into the river of time and life, sometimes we sail, sometimes we swim and sometimes we dive. It doesn’t matter which way, as long as we don’t close our eyes and give up, it will only make us stronger, better our understanding and hopefully allow us to make peace with ourselves, before the river runs dry.

Travel to the heart

Since we were born, we go around and around looking for happiness. We earn money and fame but still not quite happy and before we know, death comes knocking on the door. Are we missing somethings? Maybe the happiness is already here within your heart all along. Take a trip and travel to it often, you may crave for outer things less, understand yourself more and become happier.

Home is what I bring with me

Sometimes, in the sea of life, I evolve into someone I don’t recognize. But what I carry with me at all time is my home, a small river behind the streams and falls. A place that one day I will return there to die.

Happy folks under the rain

The rain may bother many, but there are still people who are happy under the rain. The ones who need the rain to live, the ones who need the rain to grow and the ones who’d like to stay under the rain just a bit longer.

Be like the wind

Live like the wind that goes everywhere but is bound for nowhere,
Love like the wind that touches everyone gently but takes nothing along with her,
Die like the wind that disappears without any traces of lingering and regret.

A box of memories

There’s one box I set aside, a present I’d love very much to open, but last time I did, all the memories of the long lost love pierced through my heart. I then put it down where it was and left it. Let’s meet again one day when the tears are faded but hopefully the memories will still remain.

We’re all with layers

Before you judge, look underneath the faces, underneath the thorns and underneath the layers. You may see a person who knows love, have fear and can feel the pain of losing something or someone just like you.

Keep the dream alive

Sometimes you feel like you are tied down. However any bondage is only temporary, keep your dream alive inside have hope for tomorrow. When the cloud is gone, when you can see again, the time will be yours.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Products by Tent Katchakul, awards winning picture books author & illustrator based in Thailand

The Exploration

1 of the 12th painting in the solo exhibition "Lost & Found" Depicting a girl's perception of the world

Forget me not

One of the paintings exhibited in the Unknown Asia Art Exchange 2018, Osaka. " Forget me not " from the old age legend, is a flower that represents remembrance and true love. In our lives we probably want to be remembered by someone as well. Although with different reason and situation.

Create one's own luck

The luck, others hand it to you may disappear quickly. However if you work hard toward your goals, one day it will become habit and that kind of "luck" will stay with you longer.

A Song of Memories

I have one song that's hidden in my heart. In the darkest and loneliest time, when I play that song, the memories of those days are back. and the darken heart shines brighter.

I'll always be here

You can't see me but I'm there. All the tears you have, will dry up with time and one day you will be able to smile and walk forward again.

A place in your heart

When in the storm, in the heavy rain, there may be a place that you can go back.A place that keep the cold day warm.

My happiness

In the festival, people go running around for happiness. However, for me, my happiness is easy. Just to be able to sit with peace and think of you.

Letter to nowhere

I send the letter to no where, let my longing be part of the universe that holding you no matter where you are.

Compulsory Happiness

We all want happiness. However nowadays, We may be confined to the screens. There're so many things to see and interact but at the end we may start to become addicted, care only for ourselves and get drown in that compulsory happiness.

Tell me more about those flowers

Without knowing, We may be locked down in our own luxury. We are well fed, very safe but not happy. The one key that will set us free might be returning to the nature.

The paper world we live in

Our world, actually is so fragile and ephemeral. Love, show your love and be kind to others when you still have time.

There's life, even in the deepest darkness

In the deepest darkest despair, The tears may blind you. but you're not alone and there's always hope.

The place

The ordinary place, nothing special, may be the only place we long for. Because it's the place we walked, spent our lives and loved someone.

Flower with root

From Small stories

It will be the way it will be

From Small stories

Resting is part of the work

From Small stories

The beauty lives on

From Small stories

Happiness in front of you

From Small stories

Small things, big things

From Small stories

Wait for me

I'm writing this message to you but even the most beautiful words couldn't represent all the longing I have. If it's possible I'd like to put myself in the letter, close my eyes and wake up again in your arms.

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