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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Little Orange Me
COUNTRY: Thailand
(This is about me, please find below an intro to my character)
I genuinely enjoy art through both the process of making and viewing. Mainly work with installation and abstract paintings, I found illustration hold a special place in my heart, especially the children's books for its color and endless imagination take me elsewhere faraway and brighten my day a little more.
(About Little Orange Me)
Little Orange Me loves the sunshine, orange and above all, colorful nature. Its a part-time swimming pool cleaner, and full-time inner soul of mine, perhaps yours too.

Hello, here's a flower for you.

Find me, here in the pool!

Under the orange tree

Conversation, somewhere only we know

In good times and bad times

On a special occasion of Sunday morning

Random walk into random gardens

Invading the Orange Forest

On a journey through tomato field

Tomato Parade!


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Deep in the jungle

Down deep in the jungle, we all took a rest.

Baking on a snowyday

I am delivering a scent of warm bread and white snow.

Big cleaning day

Together, we clean!

Laundry Time

Now the time to appreciate the sun!

Lemon jamming

Little Piece of Greece

"On my way to deliver some goods"

My mustard

Not salty enough?

Take it slow

Under the sunny roof

Busy preparation

Whoosh, here we gooo!

One more parade

You are invited!

Hi there, welcome to our picnic break.

Taking a solo trip