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BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
Kotchakorn Sosaikum AKA Freya. I'm a professional illustrator, Director of Freya Illustration Atelier CO,.LTD and a instructor at Freya courses.

After the graduated from art university, I kept myself being in this path since then over 10 years…. I’ve worked with many clients from Thailand, USA and EU. I was more focusing on Botanical illustrations, Pattern Design and Fashion. Now, I’m runing my own company producing the new way of learning Art. I teach 1500+ of students to draw digital with ny Procreate online courses.

The Siamese Betta and Damask rose

The fish is swiming throught the air, trying to compare itself to the rose. I foucused and paid attend completment pair colors Red- Sky Blue in this piece in particular.

A Caracal with his little peers

I made this peice for some experiments. This piece is representing how can a luxury cat would looklike if it wears a big loyal golden necklace with big gems.

Cockacatoo pattern design

Imagine that you can have a colorful aloha shirt in the beach party and everybody will complimant the beautifull cockatooes on your shirt? How great isn't it?

A Peacock and Kram flowers

A Peacock pairs with bright orange color. This peice is also representing the completment pair colors.

A Cameloen with his Chada

A colorful cameloen wearing Chada. Chada is the thai version of tiara, which only god would wear ;)

Faning Flowers Peacock

This peice is representing thai flowers(occasionally use in buddist ceremony) in the Peacock faning form. I added high level or the details in every single each flower.

This pieces has applied in Snpfood's cookie packaging HNY edition 2019.

The Botanical Hot Air Balloon

To replace a regular fabric hot air balloon, let's see put bunches of high level detailed flowers with the big chanderlier insead of the basket. Do you wanna join?

This pieces has applied in Snpfood's cookie packaging HNY edition 2020.

A Carnation flower with Jerry

A new year illustration regarding the animal of chinese year 2019. Meet Mr. Jerry and his best carnation flower.

I added hight level of hair detail and the flower as well.

Tulips Bouquet

This piece is presenting the high full detailed of Parrot Tulip flowers and butterflies.

Besties in the Bloom

Two BFF rabbits are having their great time on poppy bouquet. You will see tidy pencil lines smoothly wraped every parts of the drawing.