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ARTIST: BlueBlurryMonday
COUNTRY: Thailand
My pseudonym is BlueBlurryMonday.
BlueBlurryMonday came from drawing to take a break from studying. At first it started with using a pencil. But when I'm stressed, the colors help me relax more. Then I continued to use the colored pencil until I fell in love with it. I’m passionate about using colored pencils. I feel that colored pencils are very approachable color that most people have been using since they were young. So I got used to it. It's the kind of color that I'm comfortable with. And when I use it a lot, it's like practice, then I learn more techniques.

My work is inspired by what is happening around me or the stories of my life. When I encounter an impressive event, I take a picture and come home to draw it.Then I made a note of how it was. It's a review of my life stories.

I really like telling stories. Painting is another means of communication. When I paint It's like I'm telling myself a story again. How other people feel about my work depends on everyone. I will not judge what is right or wrong. But what I'm telling you is from my own stories.
hope you all enjoy my work :)


This work was inspired by the book I called him necktie by Milena Michiko Flasar. I found an emotional connection between myself and the characters in the book. So I brought that feeling to present as a work.
Hiro has spent two years of his life living as a Hikikomori and me who were suffering from depression.
When Hiro finally talks to their parents, they understand each other. When I’m reading this part of the book. I started crying over and over.I watched my mom and dad just sit and have lunch together. So many emotions rushed into my heart. They are my home. And I know I'm finally home.


“When the light touched my hand , my heart touched hope.”
I'm sleeping in my room. I felt really hopeless back then. I didn't do anything, I just lay in bed all day.It's the moment when the light shines through the window and I raise my hand to catch the sunlight. I suddenly realized that I had to use my hands to do something useful. Thinking back then I felt that was the beginning of hope.


I went to the park and saw a woman sitting under a tree and doing nothing for a very long time.I felt the peace emanating from that tree.


This is a park in Taipei. I went there in November 2019, while I was walking around the park, I saw a lovely grandmother playing with birds. She couldn't even walk properly. But I felt the freedom flying over that chair.

The last day of the red leaves season.

This is the last day of autumn and turns into winter.The colors of the tree are so beautiful. I took a picture of my friend walking through the trees with a red hoodie. I think it's a very nice pair of colors.


It’s a park in Taipei. Two elderly people were walking in front of me. They looked very young compared to me and my friends. We are tired from walking a lot. I think when we grow up I want to enjoy walking around and having fun with my friends just like them. It would be a really fun adventure.


Here are the parks I visited in 2019. I am just thinking about the outdoor life where everyone can breathe the fresh air together. I have seen many creatures living together in this park. Whether it's people, pets or many types of trees.Things are so lively and seem like nothing to worry about. I miss that kind of life so much.


Here I go with my ex. I still remember that feeling. We hand in hand crossed the rocks and walked together. It was such a beautiful memory that I still remember.


The first time I went to Benjakitti Park.The impressive thing that I love the most about this park is the shape of the trees.
It’s like the trees were dancing in the park.The scale of It is very interesting.When I walk on a trail It's like I’m a part of the tree.


This is Pang Ung Lake. I went there with my friends in Feb 2020, the trees were green, so was the water.They are all green, I really like it because green is my favorite color. That day became a very good day for me. Because I think I'm always good at green.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

As I told you,
I really love telling the stories.
Not only telling you
but also telling myself too.

What a peaceful day.

I went to Taipei in November 2019.
It’s the park, I’m not sure the name of this place because It’s like a transition to another place.

The elderly just sitting in the park with a rice box.
In the midst of chaos, I felt really calm when I looked at him.

It’s so random but I love this feeling so much.
The feeling that I don’t expected anything but I found something good.

You look so cool.

I went to Pang-Oung Lake in February 2020.
It’s a dam full of pines.Pine is my all time favorite tree.

It's a funny idea. Because I think that the places where the pine trees are planted make those places look colder. I really love the cold weather. That’s why I love the pine.

And one more reason I fell in love with pines.
When I stood among the pine trees, it made me feel smaller.and feel that nature is great

Airplane Mode On

I'm on the plane going home
Around 5:00 p.m..
The sky is as beautiful as someone painted.
I've been home by plane since I was young.
Because I live in Satun but study in Bangkok.
I always choose a window seat because I want to see the sky.
An hour and a half on the plane.It's time to forget everything on social media.
For me, it's time to think.Thinking of everything that happened in my life.

Some days I'm not on the plane.
But I had to use airplane mode to forget everything and be still.

My favorite view

It’s my home , the place where you can see the view of the tree from so far away.
No building, no high rise, just only the mountain and the tree.
But in this drawing you can see someone dress up with pink and red color.
Yes, That's my mom.
She busy with her garden, actually is my garden but she is the one who took care of those trees.
I just sat on the chair and looked at her.Her dress code is the opposite color with the view.
But I think that is a very perfect match because she is my favorite view.


The day that I took a walk with my cat.
First ,I have to tell you that she is a very careful cat.
And suddenly she was stood there and look at something for five minutes.
I was just wondering What does she look at?
After staring for a moment she jumped at it. Actually she jumped into the air.
Till now I still don’t know what she is looking at.

Among The Green

This drawing is from my sketch book.
That day I went to join an acrylic painting workshop at LiLaBo.
LiLaBo is a nursery & gardening store.I really love this place because I love the plants
and green is my favorite color.

Luckily I’m sitting near the mirror, so I took a mirror selfie with those trees.
And then I back home and quickly draw this pic cause I really love this day.


Since I was a kid I studied at boarding school.
And when I grew up I studied High School in another province.
Then I became a teenager I went to Bangkok for the university.
So I never live with my parents for a long time.
Then I finished university and became a freelancer.
I decided to live with my parents in my hometown.

A years and a half since then, something made me to moved to Bangkok.
I live in tenement house with my friends.This place that I live can't see the full
sky like my home. I worked every day.
One day I felt really tired.I was lying in bed and looking at the camera roll in my phone and found this picture of the sky that you see in my drawing.
I start crying. Suddenly I know that I miss my parents and my home so much.
I never thought I would be homesick.
But no matter what happens,life must go on.


I went to the plant shop with my parents.
That day I bought so many things that I forgot how to take it home.
So my dad decided to put the plants on the backseat.
My dad is the driver and I sat in the front .
My mom and all the plants sat together on the backseat.

It really cute scenario when I turned back and saw my mom sitting among the plants.
And this pink anthurium is the most outstanding. Like it wants to be part of our family.

Peaceful Life

This drawing explains the concept of a peaceful life.
The color and light of this scene seem warm.
The wind is not blowing very strong. There are few autumn leaves and the weather is clear.
And people came out to do activities peacefully.

Cotton Candy Sky

It’s a day that Bangkok’s sky looks like this.
It’s called “Iridescent pileus cloud”

Lucky me that I have seen this and photographed it in time.

Because of the color and the softness of the cloud.
When I saw this the first thing that came into my head was cotton candy.
It was an amazing day for me.


Book cover Illustration for Piccolo Publishing.
The book names "崩れる脳を抱きしめて เราจะได้พบกันเมื่อวันซากุระบาน"

ร้านหนังสือที่มีแต่นิยายรัก , ให้ร้านหนังสือนำทางรัก

Book cover Illustration for Praew Publishing.
The book names "ร้านหนังสือที่มีแต่นิยายรัก" and “ให้ร้านหนังสือนำทางรัก”.

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Dan Matutina

I can feel the warmth in your illustration.

เกียรติคุณ ศิริเวชมงคลชัย

เสน่ห์ของการใช้ Color Pencil รอดูการนำเสนอนี้ในโทนสีภาพที่ต่างออกไป

Jerry Yen

A lot of interesting stories can be found in these works, looking forward to these good stories appearing in POPUPASIA 2022