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ARTIST: Pop Twatpong
COUNTRY: Thailand
I like to express my thoughts and feelings through visual language, including animation, cartoon, illustration, sketch and paint. Hopefully, my creations can give people joy.

Morakot [2021]

Book illustrations and cover for the book “Morakot” (emerald) written and translated
from Chinese Novel by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

Scalf Design for Alahcus Ice-cream Shop [2022]

The 1x1 meter scalf designed as a special gift for customer on occasion of the shop’s 12th anniversary.

Storyboard for animated music video (proposal project) [2022]

Storyboard rendered in black & white to capture mood & tone of the film.

Art direction for animated music video (proposal project) [2022]

Color study of the settings in different times and spaces.

BoonJon x Taladnoi

BoonJon, an adventure dog, is a character in the “Change 2021 : Visual Character Arts” project. In this postcard set, he helps present the historical places in "Taladnoi" the old town of Bangkok, one of the venues for Bangkok Design Week 2022.

Light and colors study

Personal exercise attempting to capture and express light and colors.

Travel Sketch & Paint : Roong Aroon School

Painting buildings in harmony with nature in Roong Aroon School.

Travel sketch & Paint in Bangkok : Vol. I

Painting different places and times in the city.

Travel sketch & Paint in Bangkok : Vol. II

Painting more different places and times in the city.


Daily ideas are transformed into amusing cartoons.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Travel Sketch & Paint : Klong Latmayom

One of the floating markets in Bangkok

Travel Sketch & Paint : Sanam Chandra Palace

The Summer palace of King Rama VI

Travel Sketch & Paint : Lhong 1919

An old port for Chinese ships since 1850

Travel Sketch & Paint : Wat Arun, Bangkok

Temple of Dawn in the old day

Travel Sketch & Paint : Somewhere Sometime in Bangkok

Vehicles in the street of Bangkok

Sketch & Paint : King Rama IX and his duty

Difficulties on the way to help people in remote areas of the country

Sketch & Paint : King Rama IX and Arts

The artistic side of H.M. King Rama IX

Travel Sketch & Paint : Canal lives

Boat was the main transportation in the past.

Travel Sketch & Paint : Evening

Simple lives

Travel Sketch & Paint : Charoenkrung Alley

Walking in Sunday afternoon

Cartoon : Memory

Memory of memory

Cartoon : Shopping time

Waiting for mom’s shopping

Cartoon : Photographer

The Professional

Cartoon : Dog

Man’s best friend

X’mas tree

X’mas in the time of Corona


Dan Matutina

WOW!!! The travel sketches are my favorites.