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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Jehn's Bloom
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi, I'm Jehn. All my blooms (aka artworks) are cultivated from conversations, memories, or even dreams. I use soft pastels+handcraft papers+my fingers to create them. The best part of the process is breath. I synchronise with my breath as I do art, so I'd love to say "I breathe art" Hope you enjoy! ;-)

Free the Siren

My voice is not a curse.
It's pure.
It reflects your true self.
Sirens' voice can make men mad?
We make you sane.

Pray to Purify


You burn yourself to praise
Yet, where is your god?
Raise your tear torch high
then I'll sing for divine sin...

Birth of Theresa Cho

"You know, cacti are not as tough as we think." Said Theresa Cho. "They need our care and love like every plant does. Listen carefully, this one is singing."

Theresa Cho attached their soft little ear to cactus flower, listened. "Cactus flower won't fully bloom for long. Maybe it'll die tonight."

"Theresa." I called they.

'You know, it's o.k. to not be o.k. It's o.k. to embrace your fragility as you do with your strength.

It's o.k. to cry.

You and I are cacti. We need to be carefully listened also.'

I didn't say a thing. They knew.

I'm your divine. Sing me.

“I used to hate this kind of flower.” Fey rolls flower stalk between fingers. Ban-Mai-Roo-Roi is her Thai name which can be translated as Eternal Bloom in English.

Why? I ask.

"It's one of common flowers used in traditional ceremonies. Thai Teacher's Day, for example. You'll see Ban-mai-roo-roi or Eternal Bloom in every single pedestal tray that day." He tells nostalgic story with smile.

"When I grew up, things changed, I have changed. I fall in love with everything I sense from this flower. It's like divine creation: perfect round shape, amazing petals aestivation, long storage life as her name—Eternal Bloom."

I nod. "You even cherish her part that you once hated."

"Yes." Fey laughs. "I even cherish her sense of being traditional ceremony flower."

I smile.

"This is my story." Fey look at plain paper and soft pastels. "Mine equals yours."

It’s time to paint us.
I look in the mirror
and start painting our left eye.

I can smell your desire

Yes, I can

Last night the fallen angel came to me

In order to survive,

Eye Candy

Pastels on Thai Bamboo Craft Paper

Eye Spirit

Pastels on Thai Bamboo Craft Paper

Eye Contact

Pastels on Thai Bamboo Craft Paper