/ ARTIST / 2022

BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
NFT 1/1 artists- Pop surrealism - psychedelic doodle

The best of yourself

Sometimes people get confused themselves.
Who do I look like? Whom I’m going to be?
Did I do everything I had to do?
some get confused, what to do,
Some people said that you can not do something.

Well, if what you're doing is.
Respect, be nice, continue to do the right thing, .
Be honest, make a great relationship.
With people who care about you as you are.
Don't lose faith in yourself.

Be the best of yourself

It's the best of anything you need.

The magic pill 💊 that call erc-721

Blockchain is a decentralized
In this blockchain world 🌎
New things are happening every single day.

You get a bad day here sometimes.😧
And sometimes you have a good day too. .😆

Sometimes you are very happy because of what purchased and love, it goes to the moon. 🚀

yes .. The bad day is the other way around.👎

But we are leaning and have more experience!!

A project and idea can make someone very rich in a minute. 🤩

There was a project that brought you a new good friend.🤝

Some projects may make you respect somebody else before you know who they are.🤖

NFT art is a chance for everyone 👤
And also bring defi farmer, businessman, artists, and many people that is not easy to communicate in the same community in the real world .

ERC - 721 (NFT) is like a magic phill 💊
that can bring people so far away can be connected in party together 🥳

Blockchain is awesome, new world is today.!!

love you all !! ❤️

Self portrait of the dream

Experiencing realistic, fun, weird dreams
right before you wake up....

in artwork concept:
Drawing realistic shape = Body
Doodle with color = Soul
Body+Soul= Human

Balance of relationship

Sometime Love is all about balance.
In every relationship (family, friend, couple )
we need share our time, perspective, emotion, care,
to keep this sit together.

The world of ETH 🤖

We are ETH catchers in the virtual world.🤖🤖

The Family Portrait

We keep our love in family portrait.
We made these memories for ourselves.
F+A+M+i+L+Y = Father And Mother. I Love You.

Where is my mind? 🧠 🤯 - No.2 - GA

I'm here .....Where is my mind? 🧠 🤯
Pain is temporary but swag is forever.

Where is my mind? 🧠 🤯 - No.3 - GE

I'm here .....Where is my mind? 🧠 🤯
Pain is temporary but swag is forever.

Where is my mind? 🧠 🤯 - No.1 - Gm

I'm here .....Where is my mind? 🧠 🤯
Pain is temporary but swag is forever.

The multi-universe of ideas 🌌

Everyday in the NFT world. 🌌

We have seen a lot of amazing art that we have never seen before.

We learned a lot of things that we never knew before.

We can earn money like we never have done it before.

This art is just one of another in many awesome things in the multiverse of NFT community.

NFT is not just a digital file.
NFT is token that talks about multiverse of ideas.