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ARTIST: Tomorrowerr
COUNTRY: Thailand
I am an illustrator who has been overwhelmed with negative thoughts since I severely experienced depression during the pandemic. So I started drawing to release feelings and thoughts. My artwork is mainly about daily symptoms and imaginations that run through my head. I believe no matter how you feel, there is a safe space to voice it out and would be someone willing to help. Moreover, I wish my artwork would befriend and speak out for anyone who still struggling with mental health issues and hopefully they doing well soon.

I hope you like my work and looking forward to hearing from you.

Hold me back

Cry now or never

You give me butterflies

Summer Dream


Wormhole of Self-Distraction

It's a long long long day

Cloud Crews

Town of Depression

Last Journey


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Magical Tears

No Spirit, No Haunt

Still Healing

The Guardian

Loving yourself may be hard to start,
how about protecting yourself
I never knew I could do it too

The Little Guardian

Those little voices keep telling me
“Be kind to yourself”

The sun does not revolve around the earth

Find somewhere I can take a deep breath


Dan Matutina

Thanks for sharing your work and feelings with us. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Hermawan Tanzil

poetic & whimsical