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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Guidekk
COUNTRY: Thailand
I am a Thai contemporary illustrator and ceramic sculptor. My art is inspired by Thai traditional mural art style that expresses and blends with modern or futuristic contexts.

Jambudvipa [ Earth ] Iso-projection

Inspired by Traibhum Cosmology. The cosmos is centered of Sumeru Mountain, depicted as pagoda, considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spirits and King Arnon, the mythical gigantic fish that carries the weight of the world on its back. The illustration is depicting way of living from past to present that are causing the universe to fall apart in the literal sense as the mount and King fish fatigue from the doings of modernity.

Naga Aku and Ghost Spirit

A fight between Naga Aku and Ghost Spirit at Loha Prasat Temple

Naga Aku and Ghost Spirit 2

A fight between Naga Aku and Ghost Spirit near a landmark Baiyoke skyscraper, Thailand.

๕ - 5
๔ - 4
๓ - 3
๒ - 2
๑ - 1

On the verge of Naga's death, a ghost spirit is using wind element arrow weapon that animate a hologram countdown for Naga's last word before he meets his death.

Devoured Town

Naga's inside has been damaged from the pollution as it was devouring a town. Adapted from snake and ladder board game.

Naga - Noi Nha

A Naga viciously gnaws through a custard apple.
Material : Ceramic
Technique : Underglaze painting and color glaze

Heavy Juice for Jack

Jack envisions himself in an apocalyptic environment, as his adrenaline rises, getting ready for his race.

Chaotic Karens

Karens soul broke free from a collapsed pagoda

Karen's Diagram

A diagram of Karen's birth

Stillherestilllife Week 75

Decorative Ritual

Stillherestilllife Week 78

Decorative Ritual


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Fishbone Ceramic Plate Collection

A collection of 20 plates commemorate the fish who sacrificed themselves for food on the table.

Collection of 20 pieces
Size: 8 x 6 inches
Technique: Underglaze painting



Mysterious display of food for unknown guests

Elixir Bath

Karen's experience in a bath that she would never forget

Karen in Naga

Karen disconnects her head into a container, replaced by a green hologram head. Then, transfer her consciousness into the Naga custom bike as she roars with her flamethrower.

Flora Temple in Summer

An elevation side view of a lost temple that is overtaken by nature.

Machine's Grand Manner

A portrait of Karen in an idealized perfect manner

New Dawn

In the near future, the temple needs to find a new way of earning income. So they initiate genetic engineering program to create a mythical being, starting with Waree Kunchorn, a fish with an elephant head, to create an attraction.


A fish that I ate

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