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ARTIST: Rin Jirajakkavan
COUNTRY: Thailand
Rin is a freelance illustrator / designer based in Bangkok, Thailand. They enjoy creating artwork using clean shapes and playful compositions, combining stories of everyday life with imagination.

Rin trained in Industrial Design before gaining a distinction from Camberwell College of Arts for an illustration MA, and now looking forward to expanding their practice on a multitude of projects.

Lockdown in a Strange Room

This piece has been longlisted as part of the World Illustration Awards 2022 in the Exploration category.
When I first moved to London to pursue a Master's degree, I experienced the second lockdown which forced me and my classmates to study online. So, I wanted to illustrate the repetition of the daily routine in a tiny room in my student accommodation in combination with the anxious feeling of isolation and not knowing anyone in a country far away from home.

Exploring Gender

My graduate project ‘Exploring Gender’ is a participation toolkit that aims to educate and encourage people in Thailand to shift their understanding of gender to promote gender diversity. The project consists of a digital and physical book with simple activities to follow, using illustrations as a tool to communicate and create a safe environment for participants to discuss sensitive topics.
This project was exhibited and published as a part of Rainbow Pride 2022: Rainbowtopia at BACC. You can read the full book here >

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Book cover design for my portfolio, aiming to explore composition and colors.

Christmas Card

My entry for the NJAS x UAL Christmas Card competition. The concept is despite the world’s situation at that moment, we could still celebrate and connect with others from wherever we are.

Majorelle’s Arch

I took inspiration from a fantastic landscape in Majorelle Garden in Morocco. The characters are what I imagined when I walked through the place.

Here They Come

I illustrated this from my own experience on London’s train platform at the start of winter. The ghost-like pink clouds represent the first wind blowing through the train track, both chilling and refreshing.

The Masque of Red Death

My entry for The Folio Society’s Book Illustration Awards. It is based on a scene from Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Masque of Red Death’
‘It was then, however, that the Prince Prospero, maddening with rage and the shame of his own momentary cowardice, rushed hurriedly through the six chambers, while none followed him on account of a deadly terror that had seized upon all.’

Imaginary Room

A bedroom and workplace I would like to have.

The Magician

This piece is based on a prompt ‘box’. I thought about my father’s close friend who is a magician, then tried to illustrate the wonder and excitement when I saw his shows.


I remember watching a lot of sci-fi movies when drawing this piece. I want to compare the loneliness feeling inside one’s heart with being alone in the space.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Backlogue Zine Issue 1

My new zine (which will be published and sold in September 2022), a collection of unused ideas from my journal, short comics capturing my daily life, and other unsuccessful explorations that wouldn’t be shared elsewhere. I aim to keep doing some more issues of this as my personal project.

Tea Party

An illustration featured in my Backlogue zine issue 1 depicts an image of strange creatures gathering for an afternoon tea in the garden. I combined the English alphabet in unconventional ways to illustrate a conversation humans don't understand.


I want to capture the movement of rackets and balls on the tennis court, as well as the expressions shown on an athlete's face.


A reimagined image of Thumbelina plays in the field of flowers made from laces and frills.


An ancient mermaid is being held captive at the local fair.

Meeting Mr. Bargarran

A personal commission for my sister about her experience in Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More, a site-specific theatre that we both love a lot.

The Archivist of Dreams

An archivist who preserves all forgotten dreams.

The protector

A protective spirit of a place.

Fly Away

Knowledge could lead to freedom, an illustration for the I DRAW I AM X Tshirt Challenge Competition. This piece gained a place in the top 100 longlists and was displayed as a part of Pop Up Asia at the Taipei 101 building in Taiwan.

The Showman

His cabaret takes place in the French garden.

Rainy Days

A parade of creatures that shows up on rainy days.


Dan Matutina

“Imaginary Room” and “Here they Come” look awesome. I love the use of colors, the transparency and the playful shapes and composition.