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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Viput A.
COUNTRY: Thailand
Viput A. is a Bangkok based illustrator and designer. He believes in spreading positive energy through his work. He has worked with renowned clients not only in Thailand but also abroad. His clients include Apple, Sc assets, Sansiri, KBank, Twining and AP. Besides that he also founder of Viput S., A design studio based in BKK full of enthusiasms to explore the communication designs & art directions. Leave your imaginations with Viput S.

The Best Sofa

Sometimes you just want to shake all the work off and roll yourself on a cozy sofa at home. “The Best Sofa” lets you leave all your burdens and take a rest on your favorite sofa where you feel most comfortable. At one point in life, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities you have as ‘adults’, and it is essential to always remind yourself to chill out for a while, let your mind relaxed from all the stresses outside, and give yourself some power-up moments.

Hall of Frame

“Hall of Frame” was part of one of Viput A’s first solo exhibitions. It portrays the story of a child with a pocketful of dreams. When we were young, we all had big dreams because we all dreamt limitlessly. We dared to dream as we had no weight to carry and were not afraid of what was coming against us. However, we are likely to forget those dreams or let them stay behind as we grow up. “Hall of Frame” plays with the concept of ‘young at heart’ to explore the child inside you, bring back the dreams you have left behind, and let you dare to dream again.


With a motive to support Thai film like ‘One for the Road’ (2021), Viput A illustrated his favorite character ‘Alice’ with vibrant ‘red’ color to represent her enthusiasm as a character and her perspective towards ‘love’ to be cheerful and dangerous. The artwork assures that graphic art and film blend perfectly together. Viput A also experienced new technique of ‘gradient’ coloring in this artwork.

Four Legged Friends

Dogs were obviously an inspiration behind this artwork, but Viput A looked deeper into the characteristics of dogs around him, especially those of his close friends. Each dog varies in personalities, like human, and is yet illustrated with different colors and positions. However, all dogs have one thing in common: they all give positivity to their owners and people around them. Viput A then decided to use vivid colors and close-ups of dogs to show their emotions and, of course, smiles :)

One Bite

For years of the pandemic, we stuck inside our houses, unable to travel abroad. “One Bite” then allows you to travel to various dessert destinations around the world through bites of pastries. The artwork illustrates the boy who magically transits from Bangkok to famous cities with just a bite of the tasty brioche in his hand. Viput A would like to portray the enrichment of food and desserts on how they best represent cultures of their origins, and that travelling will now be possible with just a taste of pastry.

Midnight Scent

Right after a sip of coffee, Viput A was brought back to one calm night with a reflection of midnight street light, wind breeze, and soft moonlight on his balcony. The coffee that inspired this artwork was dark in taste like the sky at midnight but, at the same time, light like the moon. It also gave a combination of freshness from lemon, sweetness from honey, and dim scents of white florals, winey, and black tea at its last. Nothing could perfectly describe the coffee that was engraved in Viput A’s heart but the delightful taste of Midnight Scent.

Viput A.

“Viput A” portrays various aspects of Viput A’s life in 2021 from being a homebody to an outgoing traveler. All letters of his name was given different colors to represent the spectrum of life and positivity that come through meeting people, surfing in the Phuket sea, enjoying talking with friends and family, or just singing to your favorite songs in a shower.

Take it One Day at a Time

This artwork was inspired from Viput A’s favorite quote, “Take it one day a time”, which reminded him that not everything had to rush, slow down, and be present. Viput A would like to send courage and positivity to his Instagram followers during the Covid-19 pandemic via this artwork. Despite the increasing risk of the virus, it was best to appreciate things we had, stay present, enjoy the moments, and let go of things we cannot control. Let’s make every day the best day of our lives.

6.30PM Until We Meet Again

What are some childhood habits you continue to do? We all have the part in our personalities that we consider ‘childish’ but we love to cherish it. This artwork took inspiration from a vintage building on Charoenkrung road, Bangkok, as it reminded Viput A of his childhood. However, Charoenkrung is not outdated. Viput A added a skateboarding character as he loved playing skateboard when he was young and to represent the joyfulness of an outgoing lifestyle as if we became children again on skateboard.

New Year

‘What a memorable new year.’ In 2021, Viput A spent his last day of the year in quarantine, taking photos of firework from a hotel room. He then realized that being alone was surprisingly fulfilling. While the whole world was crazily partying through the year, Viput A found his peace of mind inside the hotel but he also felt serene and took this time to appreciate the beauty of being alone.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Different but Perfect

To celebrate the month of pride, Viput A created this artwork under the concept of ‘diversity’ in collaboration with GroundControl Agency and was displayed at the Rainbowtopia event. Apart from the rainbow shades that we all know represent the variety of genders, numerous characters were added to allow the audience to view ‘diversity’ from other perspectives, such as the diversity of ages, races, skin colors, lifestyles, sexual preferences, etc. Viput A also experimented with his new silhouette drawing with geometric shapes in the characters as these key visuals will be printed on an interactive art at the event.

Beyond Limit

With the advancement in technologies, it is undeniable that communication devices, mainly computers, have become one of the major needs in our lives. How wonderful it might be if computers could not only facilitate our ways of living but also enhance the quality of living. Introducing Intel Evo, the only chip that makes computers unite your lives. This artwork then represents how the advancement of this chip has made computers go beyond work that they integrate within a wide range of daily activities - from streaming content at home on your day-off to selling your work to the important clients. Gradient is also mainly used in this artwork, which is an exploring technique for Viput A’s work as he often uses solid color in his work. Using gradients in coloring also represents the vibrance and dimensions of the Intel Evo chip.

Everyday, Everywhere

The advancement in technology must come with ‘portability’. Viput A visualizes his concept of portability into a portable water bottle that is wrapped around with the design of Intel Evo key visual design. The product represents how Intel Evo chips can make technologies integrate into our daily lives like a water bottle that you can carry around everywhere you want and serve as your source of energy to power up your day.

The Pawfect Friends

They say when we’re happy, the dog’s happy! When we’re sad, the dog’s also sad. Dogs are always our best friends that also treat us fairly. In this artwork, Viput A wants to portray a girl with an active lifestyle with a variety of dogs. It shows that dogs are always their owner’s supporters that they are all willing to share happiness with their owners or whoever loves them.


Charoen Krung road, the first concrete road in Thailand; with a long history that grows along the development of Bangkok and Thai people's lifestyle, Charoen Krung has now become a big booming community with people of various backgrounds living together. People of several age ranges can live and support one another in the same neighborhood of Charoen Krung. Also, it is an iconic area for creative minds, like artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. Charoen Krung combines the difference in lifestyles altogether. Viput A then depicts this concept in the form of collage-based illustrations which perfectly shows diversity in lifestyles that color the community of Charoen Krung.

Happiness of the Youth

In collaboration with Balloon Art, Viput A brings his signature character design to life! At the Mutual Friends exhibition, lying inside is the giant boy balloon that keeps sending positive energy to all visitors. This work will bring you back to the good old time and reminisce happiness of the youth that comes innocently.